East & West Art Shop

Specialist in Asian Fine Arts and Antiques

East and West Art Gallery was established in 1973 at High Street, Armadale before moving to High Street, East Kew in 1989. The primary focus has been a commitment to exhibit the best in Asian Art to complement its Asian antiques from 3000 BCE to 19th Century. The gallery has developed into one of the major representatives of prominent Asian artists worldwide.

Director and founder Marjorie Ho is a certified valuer to all the State and regional Galleries of Australia. She has discovered and broken grounds in Australia with South-East Asian ceramics and textiles, as well as many famous Asian Artists for the public tio view and collect.

The range of work is astounding: Contemporary and Antique Paintings, Woodblock Prints,
Sculptures, Weavings and Ceramics. Each year five solo or mixed exhibitions are held. Between these, collections of representative artistís works are available.

The gallery also exhibits antiques from all over East Asia and China. Discovering antique ceramics in small countries previously seldom shown in Australia and subsequently collected by many of the major State and Regional Galleries for their collections. These pieces are on permanent display downstairs.

1973年Armadale High Street创立, 并在1989年迁移至East Kew High Street,东西画廊一直致力于展现亚洲高端艺术,包括从公元前3000年到19世纪的亚洲古董艺术品。

画廊已在过去40年发展成为国际性,并且积极推广亚洲的传统与现代派艺术家。而东西画廊总监兼创始人何丽香,同 时是澳洲联邦政府指定的亚洲艺术品鉴定专家。